Taxol Bug Killer Pack

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Taxol Bug Killer Pack

Bug Killer – Made to win your war

Insect eliminator – perfect for professional Experts including an economic price discount. One pack contains 12 cans of Taxol Bug Killer.

Insect populations are dispatched quickly and effectively with the highly concentrated nerve poison Taxol. It’s not dangerous for humans, but for insects, the poison enters into bodily orifices and destroys synapses vital for muscle control. The insects affected gently go to sleep upon contact and at the same time infect their immediate environment. Through this, a kind of expulsion effect comes about which intensifies the poison’s effectiveness. Its level of effectiveness reduces as the concentrate dries; within a few days, the surrounding area is completely free of Taxol. Reliably kills stinging, sucking and biting insects and arachnids. Long-term use presents the danger of generating resistance. As such, different chemicals should be combined. Bear in mind animal protection when planning to use Taxol.The delivery package can be different from the picture.

BioTACTICaL HX12 Formulation : The strongest Level of Defense to protect humans

Contents: 12 x 500ml (1Liter=66,00 €)