Wasp Killer Pack

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Wasp Killer Pack

Wasp eliminator – perfect for professional Experts including economical price discount. One pack contains 12 cans of Wasp Killer.

WaspKiller uses a biologically optimized nerve agent for the quick and effective combating of insect colonies. The formula, safe for humans, offers effective protection against moths, mosquitoes and dangerous insects. It begins to work straight from the first contact and makes possible, thanks to the innovative jet nozzle, comprehensive success in combating wasps from a secure distance. For effective use of WaspKiller try to aim directly for wasps. If using indoors, ensure that the area is well-ventilated. Ideally, you will find the nest and start your operation early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Proceed to, at speed but without haste, find the wasp nest and comprehensively spray its immediate environment. Change quickly from the jetspray to the attached spraying tube and insert this, spraying, for 5-8 seconds to the opening where the insects are flying in and out of. Following this spray all areas which the insects have frequently flown to and finally withdraw from the area. Before use, pay attention to the protection of species and if in doubt do not use WaspKiller. Also be aware of your personal protection and also to the direction of the wind. In the case of inaccessible nests located in high places please use the telescopic sprayer. BAuA reg no. N-49453. Please use biocides safely. Always read labels and product information. Store sealed and out of the reach of children. Where necessary carry out an advance test on material. Shake well before using. Beware: up to 50.000 Wasps can be located in a nest, so that more spray cans can be useful. The Delivery Package can be different from the picture.

BioTACTICaL HX7 Formulation : The strongest Level of Defense to protect humans

Contents: 12 x 500ml (1Liter = 52,20€)